Water Meter Reading

Read, record and save water meter reading directly from the apps. Automated numbering comparison with last month value make your work more easier and accurate.

How It Works

Prevent Error

App cross check data of last month reading compare to newly key in data, and notify user if there is any error occurred.

No more double work

All data that is received from the apps will saved automatically in the system, simply click on export to get the data in CSV. Say no more for manually key in.

Quicker & Accurate Way

We all know admin in building need to process a lot of things, this include keying in the water meter reading into accounting systems. In this process, the meter reading are getting mostly from technician who write in all the numbers, which might cause human error, either in wrong number, or even unclear numbering. With Landlords Water Meter Reading, all these could be resolved easily, admin will just need to wait for the work to be done and exported the file in csv.

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